Wildly Creative Fast-Food Promotion Ideas for 2023

Wildly Creative Fast-Food Promotion Ideas for 2023

What will they think of next? Franchise marketers think out of the bun for special occasions and holidays.

(RestaurantNews.com)  For holidays and special occasions,food franchisors flex their creative muscle to increase sales and social media buzz. In addition to typical deals and promotions, some brands go all-out with pop-up shops, celebrity partnerships, creative commercials and fun jingles. While holidays come and go, successful marketing campaigns can last forever.

Here is a look at some of the most unique and fun fast-food promotions of 2023.

Super Bowl

Wildly Creative Fast-Food Promotion Ideas for 2023
Super Bowl, fast-food promotions 2023

Food franchisors went big for Super Bowl 2023. Burger King released a karaoke version of its updated “Whopper Whopper” song so that fans could create their own version of the catchy jingle. Surprisingly, the burger giant used its “Big Game, Big Game” commercial to let fans know it wasn’t releasing a Super Bowl ad. But Burger King made up for it by offering Royal Perks loyalty members a complimentary Whopper. Other food franchises like Applebee’s, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and Auntie Anne’s created Big Game buzz with festive deals and offers.

Valentine’s Day

Wildly Creative Fast-Food Promotion Ideas for 2023
Valentine’s Day, fast-food promotions 2023

Valentine’s Day is all about love, chocolate, and flowers — but not for everyone. With that in mind, Hooters used the holiday to help customers to shred, burn, or bury a picture of their ex in exchange for wings. For couples who wanted a more traditional experience, White Castle transformed its shops into “Love Castle.” To enjoy this immersive experience, guests had to make a reservation and were greeted by servers and holiday decor. Who says you can’t go to a fast-food restaurant on Valentine’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day

Wildly Creative Fast-Food Promotion Ideas for 2023
St. Patrick’s Day, fast-food promotions 2023

While donuts and bagels aren’t typical Irish fare, that didn’t stop food franchisors from going green for St. Patrick’s Day 2023. Green bagels, green beer and green donuts created smiles and lots of sales for food franchisors.

March Madness

Wildly Creative Fast-Food Promotion Ideas for 2023
March Madness fast-food promotions 2023

March Madness 2023 gave food franchisors endless possibilities to keep viewers fed and engaged with great deals and fun bracket competitions. Buffalo Wild Wings went all-out with its BnB-Dubs pop-up location in Houston (above). The fun, immersive pop-up space included big screen TVs, a locker room mockup, themed artwork, a sauce bar on tap and more. For some star appeal, Wendy’s recruited retired basketball star Reggie Miller to promote its square burgers with its clever Square’s the Beef? campaign.

Other 2023 Fast-Food Deals and Promotions

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up – not to mention more than half a year of other holidays – it will be interesting to see what food franchise marketers come up with next to increase sales and elevate the customer experience.

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