This French cake at Dominique Ansel comes with a crown

On this side of the Atlantic, we’ll be celebrating Martin Luther King. Jr. Day this weekend. The French, on the other hand, have been spending the past few weeks commemorating Epiphany (it actually took place on January 6). Also known as la Journée des Rois, the day commemorates the visit of the three wise men to baby Jesus and it is tradition […]

New Yorkers are selling restaurant reservations for a whole lot of money

COVID-19 hit New York restaurants in multiple ways: outdoor dining has become a semi-permanent fixture, to-go cocktails are about to turn into the new normal, staff shortages have sent shockwaves through the system and a new ingredient shortage seems to make headlines on the daily. Two years in, as Omnicron spreads fast and consistently, the eateries are dealing with a novel […]

The everything bagel is the most popular one among New Yorkers

Although we’re suffering from a cream cheese shortage, New Yorkers are not giving up on their bagel routines—and they have preferences. A new study by delivery platform GrubHub dives deep into our unique bagel-related habits, dissecting what flavors city dwellers love the most while also shedding light on the most popular shops in town and top sandwich orders of the […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda shares his eight favorite “inspiration spots” in NYC

Having written two big NYC-centric musicals, Lin-Manuel Miranda has pulled so much of the city into his work.  The award-winning actor, songwriter, singer, playwright and producer is the subject of a new video by Google’s Arts & Culture team, where he highlights his favorite hidden gems in Manhattan. It’s part of a wider series called “Perspectives” that aims to connect people […]

Free umbrella stations have been set up all over NYC!

Here’s something we never knew we needed: an umbrella sharing service.  Rentbrella is a Brazilian company that has recently installed over 35 umbrella sharing stations in high-traffic areas all over Manhattan. Each station is home to 80-100 umbrellas that New Yorkers can grab for free and use for 24 hours before returning them.  Goodbye, $10 kiosk umbrellas that break after […]

There’s a gorgeous secret library in the woods 90 miles outside of NYC

Nestled in the woods of Ellenville, New York, there’s a cozy library that would make anyone seeking some solace among stacks of books joyously happy. It’s called Hemmelig Rom, which is Norwegian for “secret room,” and it’s made from the local oaks that surround it. The 290-square-foot space is part of Norwegian-British visual artist Jason Koxvold’s home, which he and Studio […]

13 amazing hidden streets in NYC to visit right now

New Yorkers might know their city like the back of their hand, but there are some hidden pockets of NYC still to be discovered. There’s always something new taking the place of something old in NYC, but luckily for us, there’s still a plethora of old places to explore, you just have to know where to look. From historic residential groves […]