lamb vindaloo recipe, goat vindaloo (instant pot)

lamb vindaloo or goat vindaloo, a Goan style mutton curry made using whole spices, different aromatic spices and red chillies. It is a spicy form of a curry appearing red and gravy kind. This is a curry that can be slow-cooked or pressure cooked and made to be suitable to serve with rice or roti. There are other similar mutton […]

green juice recipe for weight loss and cleansing

Green juice recipe for weight loss, a healthy fat burning and cleansing green drink to lose weight with regular consumption. These are energy booster drinks that help detoxify the body by removing all the toxins from the body and keep us fit. I am making a different weight loss juice this time which is even healthier and the perfect drink […]

39 foods that start with h

Foods that start with h brings up unique and new words of foods that begin with h. It is quite a challenging task to bring together most of the words mainly foods beginning with the same letter, but, I tried my best to collect most of the words and also will be describing in detail how the foods can be […]

39 foods that start with d

Foods that start with d is a very tricky topic as different languages have different food terminology and understanding them and bringing them together is quite a lot of research as well as effort. Here, in this post, I have tried to list out some of the food terminologies that begins with the letter ‘d’ and hope this article is […]

Dalcha Recipe Hyderabadi with Mutton

Dalcha with mutton and kaddu is yet another Hyderabadi cuisine often made with meat or mutton mixed in bottle gourd (kaddu) and dal(lentils). It is the most common dish made in Hyderabad which has been passing on since the Nizam’s era. Other Hyderabadi recipes to try out are dal gosht, how to make chicken biryani, hyderabadi mutton biryani. #feast-advanced-jump-to{z-index:999;border:none;opacity:.97;background:#fcfcfc;border-left:4px solid […]

Starbucks chai tea latte recipe

Starbucks chai tea latte is a chai or tea recipe made in Starbucks way and so I decided to name it as a Starbucks copycat recipe. I tried to make it almost as similar to the one we get in Starbucks in an affordable manner at home with simple chai ingredients at home. Chai is mainly a common word for […]

turmeric coffee recipe (Fat burner)

Turmeric coffee latte, a different form of coffee making perfect for mornings or evenings to boost the energy levels by combining coffee and turmeric together in one drink. This latte is a special and new kind of coffee in turmeric which has been becoming quite popular in recent times. Other coffee recipes or weight loss recipes to check out on […]