Chicken Masala Fry

Step 1 Fry onions and chilies Heat oil in a pan and then add dry red chilli, green chillies, curry leaves and onions to it. Fry them until they turn golden in colour. Next, add ginger and garlic paste and fry till the mixture gets golden-brown in colour.

Strawberry Cream

Looking for a quick, tasty and delicious breakfast? Then we have a berrylicious treat for you! Made with the goodness of strawberries, muesli, milk, mint leaves and honey. This quick recipe can be enjoyed as a thick creamy dessert, just freeze the delight for 2-3 hours and enjoy a thick creamy breakfast. To make this dessert super delicious, you can […]

Spiced Tomato Soup

Step 2 Cook the ingredients Take a pan and add 1 tablespoon butter, paprika, black pepper, ginger, chopped garlic cloves. Toss nicely and add onions, sauté for 3 minutes. Lastly, add in the tomatoes and cook for 5-7 minutes. Add water and let it simmer for 10 minutes and allow it cool.

Soya Chunks Curry

Step 3 Make the curry Now, in a different kadhai, heat oil and add cinnamon stick, bay leaf, and cumin seed. Saute them well. Then add 1 sliced onion and saute again. Add turmeric and chilli powder followed by the prepared paste. Saute it again. Now, add coriander powder, curd, salt, and 1 cup of water. Mix everything well.

5-Minute Mug Brownie

Craving for a chocolaty dessert but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen making one? Here is a super easy 5-minute brownie recipe that you can literally make in a jiffy. You just need a handful of ingredients from the kitchen to make this sinful chocolate brownie. This is a veg brownie recipe and doesn’t even require eggs. To […]

Honey Chilli Cauliflower

Honey Chilli Cauliflower is a lip-smacking snack that will woo you with its flavours. You might have tried Honey Chilli Potato, but have you ever tried this fusion recipe of Honey Chilli Cauliflower? With this super simple recipe you can make a delish snack for yourself in less than 30 minutes. Serve this crispy snack at parties, birthdays, game nights […]

Cheesy Bacon Fries

Looking for a quick cheesy snack, which you can prepare at home anytime, then try these delicious Cheesy Bacon Fries. To make these quick crispy fries just follow some simple steps given below and enjoy. You can pair these fries with some dips, homemade mocktails and serve it for your brunch parties or game nights. To make it in a […]


Step 2 Cook the veggies Now add chopped potato to a pan along with 1/2 cup water. Cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes. Now add all the other chopped veggies like suran, cucumber, carrot, raw banana and green beans. Now add 1 cup water along with turmeric and some salt. Mix well, cover with a lid and […]

Gur Wale Chawal

Peak winters are here and so is the ideal time to indulge in some comforting treats. Gur Wale Chawal is one such delicacy that can bring you warmth packed in some indulgent flavours. Also called Jaggery Rice, Gur Wale Chawal is the speciality of North India and is prepared mainly in the Punjab and Haryana region. You just need a […]

Gobhi Pakora

A plateful of crispy pakoras with a piping hot cup of tea on the side on a chilly winter day is all one needs to relax. Pakora with chai is a wholesome combo that can light up any gloomy day. If you are bored of the usual aloo, pyaaz pakoras, then we have for you a special Gobhi Pakora recipe […]