Rajma Pulao | Kidney Beans Pilaf

Rajma pulao recipe with step by step photos. This is a fragrant rice pulao or pilaf made with kidney beans, rice, aromatics, herbs and spices. It makes for a filling and heart lunch or dinner. Vegan and gluten-free recipe. Rajma or kidney beans are a legume that is a good source of protein, fibre and vitamins-minerals. Apart from making the […]

Roasted Tomato Soup

My easy recipe for Roasted Tomato Soup is an all-time favorite. With just 5 ingredients, 5 minutes of prep, and a mere 30 minutes of cook time, you can have this gorgeous, deeply flavored bowl of goodness ready to serve. This yummy sheet pan tomato soup also happens to be both vegan and gluten free, making it perfect for nearly […]

Rajma Sundal

Rajma sundal is a South Indian dish made with kidney beans, coconut, spices and herbs. Sundal is basically a dry legume and lentil preparation and tastes delicious. Rajma sundal can be served as a side dish with a vegetarian meal or can be eaten as is. If you like kidney beans, then surely give this recipe a try. This recipe […]

Instant Pot Dal Makhani

Instant Pot Dal Makhani made easy with step by step photos. One of our staples during weekends is Dal Makhani which is a slow-cooked lentil dish from the Punjabi cuisine. Serve this delicious lentil curry with roti, paratha, naan or steamed basmati rice for rich luxurious meal. This most popular Punjabi lentil dish made in the Instant Pot gives you […]

Paneer Kheer

Paneer kheer recipe with step by step photos – This is one more quick sweet dessert recipe of kheer, that can be made for Indian festivals like Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali. This delicious Indian sweet is made with paneer, milk, nuts, sugar and flavorings. I plan to add some quick and easy sweets for the upcoming festive season. The paneer […]

Paruppu Rasam

Paruppu rasam recipe with step by step photos – paruppu rasam or dal rasam is another rasam variant that is flavorful, spicy and a favorite at home after Tomato rasam. Serve this comforting rasam with any South Indian meal or with steamed rice or you can drink it like a soup. This dal rasam was made by mom when all […]

Instant Pot Pulao

Instant pot pulao with step by step pics. This is a quick and one-pot method to make mix vegetable pulao in the instant pot. The recipe is vegan and gluten-free. Serve this delicious pilaf with a side of yogurt or raita or salad for a hearty meal. I make rice-based dishes like Pulao or biryani often at home. After getting […]

Patta Gobhi Recipe | Patta Gobhi ki Sabji

Patta gobhi recipe with step by step photos. This patta gobhi ki sabji is a simple homely recipe of a Punjabi style semi-dry curry made with cabbage, potato, onions, tomatoes and spices. It is gluten-free and vegan cabbage recipe. Serve this healthy dish with a side of roti, paratha or poori for a comforting meal. Potatoes and cabbage make a good […]

Amritsari Dal | Langarwali Dal

Amritsari dal recipe with step by step photos. This Dal Amritsari or Langarwali dal is a simple and tasty lentil dish from the Punjabi cuisine made with whole black gram (urad dal) and split black chickpea (chana dal). It is a rich and filling lentil curry best enjoyed with a side of Indian flatbreads like roti, naan, paratha or with […]