This egg is anything but a character artist in a curry

One of the things that bugged me when I came to Mumbai was the egg curry available at office canteens or roadside food carts. It is a curry with plain boiled eggs slipped in to it. The eggs take absolutely no flavour from the curry. The two are as incongruous as a Hindi film item song in a Satyajit Roy film. 

Today I had the Bengali kosha deem for lunch. Popularly seen in canteens in Kolkata and in roadside food stall in the city. Here the egg is scored, smeared with salt, turmeric and chilli powder and fried in mustard oil and forms the base of the dish which consists of finely chopped onion, ginger, garlic, tomato, masalas…there’s a certain robustness to the dish which acts as a mood enhancer and energy booster. And the egg claims and equal role, if not more, in the dish. It’s not just a part of the scenery. Not lost like Boris Becket at Roland Garros.

I taught our morning cook #scootytai how to make it this morning.

Took time out to eat it in our what is currently bout bedroom Cum study. The room smelt of happy times in Kolkata and K enjoyed it too.

Combined it with jowar bhaakri made by #scootytai and dahi. In Kolkata they would have sprinkled sugar on the dahi. #eggcurry