What does an IKEA kitchen cost?

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IKD presents the first in a series of articles on IKEA design installation costs.

In this article:

  • Product and installation cost for two IKEA kitchens designed by IKD
  • Other kitchen renovation costs to consider
  • Benefits of using IKEA cabinets
  • Benefits of using a professional third-party designer

IKEA Kitchen Pricing: Cost Analysis for Rooms Under 200 sq. ft.

Some articles will tell you the product cost for an IKEA kitchen, and some will discuss installation costs. Finding a source that’s open and honest about both is more difficult.

In this article, Inspired Kitchen Design reveals the design, product, and installation cost for two IKEA kitchen designs. These modern kitchens maximize storage, appeal to multiple style preferences, and help our customers stay on budget during their kitchen renovations.

IKEA Kitchen #1: 180 sq. ft.

Kitchen Design Cost

IKD designed a modern, white kitchen with open and closed storage and clever organizational solutions. The kitchen has an L-shaped design with an 8’ island for seating, storage, and charging electronics.

White modern kitchen with clever organizational solutions

This design package included a floor plan, elevation plans, 3D rendering from multiple views, and a complete IKEA shopping list. To see an example of a design package and pricing and purchase guide by IKD, click here.

Total design cost: $445

Product Cost

IKD designed this kitchen using IKEA SEKTION cabinets and IKEA AXSTAD matt white doors. The countertop is a white quartz called Silestone Blanco Orion from Home Depot. We added three Rev-A-Shelf products for organization. There was a trash can under the sink, a spice rack, and a cabinet filler in the corner of the L.

White modern kitchen with opened cabinets

  • IKEA cabinets and doors: $6,054
  • IKEA extra items (materials needed for installation): $686
  • Rev-A-Shelf internal organizers: $550
  • Countertop: $5,800

IKEA design installation and costs

Total product cost: $13,090

Installation Cost

Our customer used IKD’s Install Connect database to find an experienced IKEA installer in their area. This contractor installed the kitchen cabinets, while a contractor from Home Depot installed the countertop.

kitchen cabinet installation measurements

  • IKEA cabinet installation: $2,940
  • Home Depot countertop installation: included in product cost

Total installation cost: $2,940

“This client came to us with a budget of $20,000 but expressed a desire to also purchase new kitchen appliances. We gave them a suitable IKEA kitchen and we were able to keep the project within their budget. As a result, they had $3,500 left for new stainless-steel appliances.” –Merari, IKD designer

Total Kitchen Renovation Cost: $16,475

Kitchen #2: 160 sq. ft.

Kitchen Design Cost

This kitchen has an L shape and a special closet for cleaning supplies. It also includes a pull-out pantry. The cabinets are white and the countertops are dark, which makes it feel cozy. IKD designed the island to incorporate plenty of storage, seating, and a microwave.

The IKD design package had a floor plan, elevation plans, 3D rendering from different views, and a full IKEA shopping list. IKD offers an example of what to expect from a design package here.

3D rendering, floor plan and measurements of IKEA kitchen

Total design cost: $445

Product Cost

This IKEA kitchen design utilizes IKEA’s popular AXSTAD matt white doors and SEKTION cabinets. The homeowner bought a Viatera Nightfall honed quartz countertop from a local fabricator. It’s used for the kitchen worktops and side panels of the kitchen island. The design includes one Rev-A-Shelf pullout pantry organizer.

Kitchen island with Viatera Nightfall honed quartz countertops

  • IKEA cabinets and doors: $5,511
  • IKEA extra items (materials needed for installation): $882
  • Rev-A-Shelf internal organizers: $1,111
  • Countertop: $5,950

Total product cost: $13,454

IKEA design installation and costs

IKEA design installation and costs

Installation Cost

The supplier templated and installed the Viatera Nightfall honed quartz slabs for the countertop. The homeowner used IKD’s Install Connect to find an IKEA cabinet installer nearby.

Cabinet layout and measurements for IKEA kitchen

  • IKEA cabinet installation: $2,820
  • Countertop installation: included in product cost

Total installation cost: $2,820

“Our customer already chose a countertop and wanted us to design a kitchen using it.  take pride in offering our clients the chance to choose and combine items from various suppliers. This is something that can’t be done in an IKEA store.” –Richard, IKD designer

Total Kitchen Renovation Cost: $16,719

Other Kitchen Renovation Costs to Consider

We included everything in the final prices for this IKEA kitchen, such as products, add-ons, and installation. However, you may have extra costs to consider depending on your renovation goals. These could include demolition of the old kitchen, drywall repair, painting, flooring, plumbing, and electric.

All IKD customers get access to our Install Connect database, and many approved installers can do these tasks. Just be sure to ask for a detailed quote.

Why choose IKEA cabinets over competitors?

Anyone will tell you the most expensive part of a kitchen makeover is the cabinets. Homeowners can save money on new cabinets by buying IKEA SEKTION cabinets instead of replacing doors or repainting.

They are sturdy, attractive, and easy to install thanks to IKEA’s unique system of rails and levelers.

As an example of how much IKEA saves our customers, we’ll reference the 1870s farmhouse owned by IKD customer Thomas. While searching for upper cabinet replacements, he found two solutions at a big box store for $5,600 and $4,800, respectively.

IKEA’s price was $2,200.

Leveraging IKEA for Custom, Budget-Friendly Kitchens

Inspired Kitchen Design understands that homeowners turn to IKEA because IKEA kitchen products are stylish and affordable. However, customers often encounter roadblocks when using IKEA’s one-size-fits-all kitchen solutions.

Our creative designs and IKEA product knowledge make it easy to get a custom kitchen while staying on budget.

Get a Professional IKEA Kitchen Design – All Online

Work with our certified kitchen designers to get a personalized kitchen designed around your needs and vision. If you’re interested in learning more about our service, make sure to check out our IKEA Kitchen Design Services.

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