This Affordable Le Creuset Find Is (Actually) My Most Versatile Piece of Serveware

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If there’s one brand name that kitchen diehards fawn over most, it has to be Le Creuset. The heritage brand has been cranking out high-quality cookware for almost 100 years, and the culture cachet its products have garnered is nearly unmatched in the culinary world. So, whenever they, say, drop a gorgeous new color for spring, or go on sale, the internet freaks out. The only issue? Their products are usually super pricey, and so most people opt for the less-expensive (but still quality) pieces from their competitors. However, while they might both get the job done, there’s nothing quite like proudly displaying a few pieces of Le Creuset cast iron or stoneware in your kitchen. And, if you’re looking for some affordable Le Creuset pieces that are super versatile and unbelievably adorable, you need to snag one or two of the Mini Cocottes ASAP. They’ve quickly become my most versatile pieces of serveware, and have a ton of uses in the kitchen, as well. 

These cute cocottes are part of Le Creuset’s premium stoneware line, and the materials ensure near-perfect heat distribution — which means even browning, uniform cooking, and no hot spots — and excellent temperature retention, so food stays warm or cold when serving. The glaze, which comes in a number of beautiful colorways, is non-porous, non-reactive, and both scratch- and stain-resistant. Plus, the enameled interiors function essentially as nonstick surfaces, meaning cleanup is a breeze. They’re also freezer-safe down to -9 degrees Fahrenheit, oven-safe up to 500 degrees, and good to go in the microwave, under the broiler, and in the dishwasher. My girlfriend especially loves them for making late-night treats such as mug brownies or single cookies, since the added cool factor of Le Creuset makes midnight snacking all the better.

Personally, what struck me about these pieces (besides the unbeatable price) was their versatility. For serving, these can function as mini soup bowls, containers for single-serving desserts, ice cream bowls, cereal bowls, and more. In the kitchen, you can use them to make mini pot pies, cook gratins; bake souffles; and whip up single brownies, cookies, crème brûlées, and more. (Plus, they make excellent salt cellars.) Outside of the kitchen, they can even serve as catch-alls, key holders, jewelry boxes, butter dishes, jam holders, chic pet food bowls, and party dip containers. 

If you’re on the hunt for a great gift for the at-home chef in your life, a serotonin-boosting online purchase, or just some affordable Le Creuset pieces that are both super versatile and unbelievably adorable, do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of the Mini Cocottes right now. Just remember to act fast while they’re still on sale!