The importance of being an influencer

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 I see a fair amount of influencer bashing on SM these days and this is my unsolicited take on it:

Being an influencer is a legit profession today. It’s not about barter anymore. Brands are finally being made to pay for publicity (there is no such thing as a ‘free’ meal).

Some influencers have become big brands in their own right. Stars from other professions and their agents now explore influencer opportunities.This is not a side hustle for them. They take it very seriously. 

As in any profession, there are a few bad apples and many not as talented as the top ones, but going after a profession is rather silly and disrespectful.

If there are any influencers whose work you admire, then I’d love to hear about them. No personal attacks please 

PS: I am not an influencer. I fall in the ‘micro mini’ category. I’d like to be one, but there’s too much of hard work involved.

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