The Brand Behind One of Our Favorite Instant-Read Thermometers Just Created a Wireless Model that Guarantees Perfect Grilling (It’s on Sale!)

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If you’re looking to elevate your kitchen skills and go from ordinary home cook to culinary master, there are a few things you’ll need. Quality cookware is essential, of course, regardless of whether we’re talking nonstick skillets, versatile Dutch ovens, or utensils to help you prod, stir, flip, and serve. One other item that’s an absolute must is a good meat thermometer. For that, we recommend ThermoPro, the brand behind some of our editors’ favorite digital thermometers. Its high-tech offerings will ensure that all of your meat dishes are cooked to perfection — without you having to stand by and keep a close watch on them. What’s even more exciting is that ThermoPro recently launched the Twin TempSpike thermometer, an all-new model that’s as advanced as they come. And, for a limited time, you can score it on sale on Amazon and get an additional 30 percent off when you use code 30TEMPSPIKE2 at checkout. It’s a deal you don’t want to miss!

What is the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike thermometer?

The all-new Twin TempSpike is a wireless, instant-read meat thermometer that gives you peace of mind during the cooking process. Simply download the TempSpike App to your smartphone, connect the thermometer to it via Bluetooth, and get access to all the cooking stats you could possibly need as the Twin TempSpike sits adhered to your steak inside the oven. Specifically, you can monitor the estimated cooking time, preset desired temperatures, and receive alerts from your phone. The best part is, you can venture up to 500 feet away from your oven without losing connection.

Another notable feature is the thermometer’s twin probes, which both have sensors to help you get a comprehensive idea of your eats’ internal temperatures. If you don’t want to check your app, you can also monitor the temperature via the thermometer’s backlit display, which illuminates the temps so that you don’t have to pull the food out of the oven in order to read them. And although the rechargeable Twin TempSpike is technologically advanced, it’s also waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and totally fuss-free.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Although the Twin TempSpike hasn’t been out for very long, it’s easy to see that the thermometer is already a hit among customers. Whether or not you’ve cooked with a meat thermometer before, you’ll find this one to be game-changing, so grab it now, and don’t forget to use code 30TEMPSPIKE2 for that extra 30 percent off.

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