Rev-A-Shelf Organizers make Hard-to-Reach places usable in your IKEA Kitchen

Blind cabinets, high cabinets, and base cabinets with plumbing—oh my!

Organizing your IKEA kitchen cabinets and drawers is hard enough without having any curveballs thrown your way. In kitchen design, these curveballs come in the form of corners, pipes, vents, and space that you don’t want to waste—but also can’t reach.

To make the most of your kitchen storage, you must find a way around plumbing, blind corners, and high cabinets. One advantage of choosing a professional kitchen designer rather than an IKEA planner is that a professional knows the best products to handle these complex design challenges.

Our designers know these internal organization solutions rarely come from IKEA. Rev-A-Shelf is our go-to company when creating internal organization designs for kitchens and other areas of the home.

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Rev-A-Shelf recognizes the limitations of kitchen organizers and makes them better

We always recommend Rev-A-Shelf (RAS) products because cabinet organization is all the company does. RAS thrives on helping homeowners save space, create maintainable solutions, and access what’s in their homes.

Below, we highlight just a few ways an IKD design with Rev-A-Shelf products can transform your IKEA kitchen’s functionality and make your space more accessible.

  1. Under-Sink Storage
    It’s often challenging to navigate under-sink storage. Plumbing typically creates wasted space in the cabinet’s center, and accessing the things you can fit is far from simple. We don’t want our customers digging around and shoving water lines aside whenever they need an extra roll of paper towels; we want them to install a Rev-A-Shelf organizer.

    Rev-A-Shelf’s under-sink solutions include cabinet door storage and pull-out storage that not only looks nice but will save you loads of frustration. One product we always recommend is the Polymer Drip Tray (4SBSU-15). While it won’t help you organize items, it will save them from water damage. Leaks happen, but this drip tray funnels water out of the cabinet, away from your storage, and lets you know there is a problem.

    We design with two U-shaped pull-out shelving options from Rev-A-Shelf: a wire-bottom organizer (5786-30CR) and a solid-bottom organizer (5386-33BCSCFL-FOG). These are available in multiple sizes and finishes. The best part is that these can be stacked to create two tiers of accessible storage instead of just one.

    “We have a water filtration system under our kitchen sink, and it’s difficult to work around. My husband and I leaned on IKD for a solution, and they designed a plan with door storage on one side, a pull-out organizer with two shelves on the other, and a tip-out tray at the top. They helped us get as much storage as we possibly could under that sink.” –Lenore, IKD customer

  2. Corner Base Cabinets
    IKD prefers to design IKEA kitchens with straight runs to avoid the issue of corner cabinets, but that isn’t always possible. So, are you destined to go digging through the dark caverns of your corner cabinet whenever you need the roasting pan? Of course not. We—and Rev-A-Shelf—have solutions to ensure your blind corners are as accessible as your other cabinets.

    In a previous article, we discuss IKEA’s Lazy Susan, which doesn’t quite match up to Rev-A-Shelf. While IKEA has a fixed-placement carousel with plastic discs for shelves, Rev-A-Shelf has a sturdier, adjustable option with wooden discs (4WLS472-24-52), easy-to-clean polymer discs (6472-28-11-52), or chrome wire discs (5272-32 CR).

    “I was interested in a Lazy Susan for my blind corner cabinet, but I only had a 12” door. My designer told me about the half-moon Lazy Susan from Rev-A-Shelf, and it was a perfect fit.” –Greg, IKD customer

    We don’t stop there; Rev-A-Shelf also has something called the blind corner optimizer (5PSP-15-CR). This wire-frame organizer comes with 4 to 6 shelves, allowing you to access every square inch of usable space within the cabinet. Each shelf holds fifteen pounds, and the optimizer fits most 48” blind corner cabinets. The optimizer is an IKD designer favorite.

  3. Pull-Down Shelving
    One IKD customer entered the IKEA kitchen design process knowing she wanted Rev-A-Shelf everywhere. Rev-A-Shelf’s pull-down shelving system was a particular favorite; she was more excited to receive her internal organization design than the cabinet design.

    “Patricia had found this Rev-A-Shelf product on her own and wanted it incorporated into her IKEA kitchen design. It allows her to make full use of the cabinet space but pull everything down to a more accessible level. I placed it at the end of the cabinet run where there was ample room to work.” –Meyer, IKD Designer

    These come in chrome wire (5PD-24CRN) or solid-bottom (5PD-24FOG) and fit wall cabinets that are 21” or 33” wide. If you’re short, disabled, or don’t feel like dragging a stepstool out whenever you want to access the upper cabinets, these organizers are a lifesaver. They hold up to 26 pounds and are ideal for use in cabinets over open counter spaces or in over-fridge cabinets.

Bonus: Rev-A-Shelf isn’t just for the kitchen!

The kitchen isn’t the only area needing extra help in the battle between plumbing and usable storage. We also design using Rev-A-Shelf’s U-shaped pull-out shelves for bathroom vanities. The maple bottom mount U-shaped vanity sink base pull-out (486-30VSBSC-BM-1) has slots for everything from a small trashcan and spare toilet paper to makeup and hair products. An L-shaped option (441-12VSBSC-1) can also help maximize space in a bathroom vanity.

We use Rev-A-Shelf solutions in our IKEA closet designs, as well. A pulldown closet rod (CPDR-1826 and CPDRSL-48SC) is an excellent solution for those with disabilities, and it allows those with very tall ceilings to utilize otherwise inaccessible space. The Gildeware valet hanger pull-out (GLD-W14-BC-5) lets you take advantage of narrow, leftover spaces in your closet that might otherwise remain vacant.

Rev-A-Shelf and IKEA are the ideal kitchen design team

IKD designers know how to design storage that is both functional and attractive. Whether you’re building a new IKEA kitchen, bathroom, or closet, choose IKEA for the SEKTION cabinets and MAXIMERA drawers, but design with Rev-A-Shelf for accessible organizing solutions.

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