Red Mango Enters Uncharted Territories with New Summer Toppings

Red Mango Enters Uncharted Territories with New Summer Toppings

All-natural frozen yogurt and juice shop introducing new salty, sweet, spicy and sour options, beginning July 1

Red Mango Enters Uncharted Territories with New Summer ToppingsDallas, TX  (  The summer is all about being carefree and adventurous. Red Mango is taking that to heart with NEW sensational and flavorful toppings that are sure to put everyone’s tastebuds on a wild and imaginative journey this season.

The popular frozen yogurt and juice shop is excited to tantalize its fans’ senses with a fun and creative lineup of salty, sweet, spicy, and sour options that are specially crafted to elevate everyone’s froyo experience like never before. Each topping has its own story behind why it was chosen, so whether you are in the mood for savory southern sophistication, an exhilarating encounter with fiery heat or want to satisfy that sweet tooth, Red Mango will have you Treating Yourself Well all summer long.

Available at participating locations from July 1 through Sept. 31, the new summer toppings are:

  • Spicy – Habanero Spice: Spice up your life and your froyo with this bold and audacious topping that creates a perfect blend of heat and froyo bliss, while also providing key health benefits such as metabolism boosts, cardiovascular support, and antioxidants.
  • Sweet – Blueberries: Nothing showcases the ideal balance of healthy and sweet like adding fresh blueberries on top of your froyo.
  • Salty – Candied Pecans: Not only high in deliciousness, but in nutrients as well, this salty and crunchy treat is the perfect addition to the summer palette.
  • Sour – Watermelon Gummies: Cancel out the sour summer heat with these fun sour candies, bringing a refreshing twist that provides a delightfully contrasting euphoria when placed atop sweet froyo.

“We’re always looking to raise the bar at Red Mango and these new toppings offer a creative fusion of flavors that will excite and surprise guests,” said BRIX Holdings Chief Experience Officer Roberto DeAngelis. “We invite guests to come down this summer and embark on a flavor adventure that will always leave them craving for more.”

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop with these four new and exciting toppings that all pair nicely with Red Mango’s Featured Froyo Flavor – Watermelon – as well as countless other offerings. So be on the lookout for exclusive deals, discounts and even more toppings throughout the year.

Inspired by mangoes turning red upon reaching their peak of ripeness, the first Red Mango location opened in 2007 with the commitment to only using the best all-natural ingredients for its frozen yogurt, smoothies and parfaits. Today, more than 100 locally owned cafes across the United States and Puerto Rico serve Red Mango award-winning frozen yogurt. For more information about Red Mango, visit

About Red Mango

Based in Dallas with more than 100 locations across the U.S., Red Mango is a rapidly expanding retailer of all-natural frozen yogurt, light foods and fresh cold-squeezed juices. Red Mango Yogurt Cafe & Juice Bars serve fresh, cold-squeezed juices made with raw, never-heated whole fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, and salads under 500 calories, fresh fruit smoothies and uniquely delicious all-natural frozen yogurt fortified with live and active probiotic cultures like GanedenBC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086). More information about Red Mango Yogurt Café Smoothie & Juice Bar is available at

Red Mango is a portfolio company of BRIX Holdings, LLC, a Dallas-based multi-brand restaurant management and franchising company specializing in chains with superior products and attractive growth prospects.

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