Rawalpindi Style Chole Recipe

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Rawalpindi Style Chole is a dish made with chickpeas which belongs to the Rawalpindi region in Pakistan. Pind means village and Rawal is a region in Pakistan, hence the name is Rawalpindi Chole. Pindi chole is made with white chick peas or kabuli chana, onion, tomato, ginger garlic paste and lots of spices. To enhance the colour, we should add a black tea bag while pressure cooking the chana. You can also  tea powder or tea leaves in a muslin cloth and add it to pressure cooker if you don’t have a tea bag.

The addition of anardana and other spices like coriander seeds, chili powder, dry mango, turmeric powder and cumin makes this dish different from the normal chole and gives a spicy and tangy taste to the curry. This dish is normally served as a dry curry. But if you need gravy, you can add a little water to it. You can serve this dish with finely chopped raw onion and phulkas. Use it as a filling in wraps or sandwiches and pack in your kid’s lunch box.

Did you know- Health benefits of chickpeas are plenty. Apart from being rich in fiber and protein, they also contain vitamins which are good for health. They also promote heart health and are good for digestive health as they are rich in fiber and protein.

Serve Rawalpindi Style Chole Recipe with Puri and Burani Raita for a perfect Weekend breakfast or lunch.

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