New Agreement Places Rock N Roll Sushi On-Stage Across Florida

New Agreement Places Rock N Roll Sushi On-Stage Across Florida

Original, American-style sushi restaurant signs deal to develop 35 future franchises throughout central and southwest Florida

Tampa, FL  (  Sushi and hibachi lovers in central and southwest Florida get ready, Rock N Roll Sushi is preparing to bring big, bold and loud flavors that are sure to leave everyone eager for an encore.

Rock N Roll Sushi CEO Chris Kramolis announced today that the company signed an area representative agreement (ARA) with Rock N Development owners Andrew and Terri Jessen, Craig and Dianne LeMieux, and John and Katerina Weissfisch to share their passion for killer sushi and hospitality with their local communities. With this deal, the new ownership group plans to open and develop 35 Rock N Roll Sushi locations throughout central and southwest Florida.

The first locations are expected to debut in Tampa and Naples later this year, where a real estate search is underway. Rock N Development’s ARA spreads from West Palm Beach to the Daytona Beach and Orlando areas, and across to Tampa, Fort Myers and Naples as well. The partners have a personal connection to each of the locales, having lived or worked in those areas in the past.

“We’ve wanted to grow our footprint within the great state of Florida for some time and feel we’ve found the ideal partners to do just that,” Kramolis said. “Each of them has succeeded before as multi-unit franchisees and they know the markets we’re entering first-hand. Rock N Roll Sushi offers a one-of-a-kind dining environment with multiple TVs playing music videos and sushirolls are Rock’n’roll-themed – and now we’ve got the perfect local promoters to bring in the crowds.”

The group’s primary focus will be to inform the masses of Rock N Roll Sushi’s unique environment and develop the entire area with their own partners. Rock N Development is quick to point out that the development portion of the ARA will include seeking other franchisees to open their own locations.

“We believe in the brand and everything about it, so we’re excited to help expand Rock N Roll Sushi across Florida with future franchisees,” Weissfisch said.

Weissfisch is a former auto industry executive with experience as a multi-unit restaurant owner and operator of Tropical Smoothie Café and Island Wing Company. The LeMieuxs are former co-owners of 15 Tropical Smoothie Cafes in multiple states and served as area developers for the brand, overseeing more than 140 locations.

Residents of Naples, the Jessens are former corporate executives who turned to franchising upon moving to Florida almost 20 years ago. They connected with Weissfisch and the LeMieuxs through Tropical Smoothie Café, twice winning the brand’s Area Developer of the Year award. The Jessens and LeMieuxs also own Rock N Roll Sushi locations in Arizona.

“This is a fun, laid-back concept that appeals to all walks of life, so we know we have a hit on our hands as we expand in Florida,” said Andrew Jessen. “Terri and I are very excited to team up with seasoned and successful area developers like the LeMieuxs and seasoned full-service restaurant operators like the Weissfischs to build out the Rock N Roll Sushi brand here with other franchisees who share our passion for great sushi, hibachi and hospitality.”

At Rock N Roll Sushi, fans enjoy food that’s deliciously twisted and made fresh for everyone. Boasting concepts and flavors that are big, bold and loud, Rock N Roll Sushi is the only place to experience the rock music you love and the rolls you love with the ones you love! Everything about the American-style sushi restaurant, from its soundtrack to its soul, is pure rock ‘n roll – raw, inspired, amplified. To learn more about Rock N Roll Sushi, visit

New Agreement Places Rock N Roll Sushi On-Stage Across Florida
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About Rock N Roll Sushi

New Agreement Places Rock N Roll Sushi On-Stage Across FloridaFounded in 2010 by husband-and-wife duo Lance and Gerri Mach Hallmark in Mobile, Alabama, Rock N Roll Sushi is the original American-style sushi restaurant founded on great food, true love and rock n’ roll music. It’s the only theme-restaurant in the world where local and loyal fans can experience the rock they love and the rolls they love with the ones they love. The menu is broken down by Opening Acts, Classics, Green Room, Headliners (with Raw Tracks), Back Stage Hibachi, Kids Rock and After Party, with Rock N Roll Sushi’s greatest hits – like Crispy Wontons, Punk Rock Roll, VIP Roll and Hibachi – stealing the show. From humble beginnings in a modest 1000-square-foot space tucked inside the Mobile Mall, RockN Roll Sushi has rapidly expanded to encompass more than 60 locations across the Southeastern U.S. in just a decade. For more information about Rock N Roll Sushi, visit or follow the brand on Facebook or Instagram.

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