Karwar Style Ambade Udid Methi Recipe – Hog Plum Curry

Karwar Style Ambade Udid Methi Recipe (Hog Plum Curry) is a vegetarian curry from the Karwari Goud Saraswat Brahmin cuisine. Karwar, which is a city in Karnataka lies at the mouth of the river Kali. Coconut, Jaggery, Coriander Seeds and Red Dry Chillies form the base of most of the gravy dishes in the Karwari GSB cuisine. One such gravy made commonly in all homes there is udid methi which can be made using raw mangoes too instead of Ambade.

This sour fruit Ambade (Tulu & Konkani) is called Hog plum in English, and Pulicha kaal in Tamil. It can be commonly found in South India as it needs humid and tropical climate to grow. This recipe has been passed down to my mom by her mom. Forwarding it to you all just the way my grandma used to cook it, but with a tiny twist added to it, with addition of bitter gourd to the gravy to make it even more healthier and apt for persons with diabetic conditions as well. 

Serve Karwar Style Ambade Udid Methi Recipe (Hog Plum Curry) along with Steamed Rice and Sol Kadhi for a South Indian meal.

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