Hare Pyaaz Ki Puri Recipe – Spring Onion Puri

Hare Pyaaz Ki Puri Recipe is essentially a twist to a classic puri. The puri dough is made by combining the wheat flour along with cumin seeds, ajwain and finely chopped spring onion greens. 

The spring onion greens not only add flavour, but also add a nice crunch to the puri, making it a flavourful puri recipe. 

The Hare Pyaaz Ki Puri Recipe can be served instead of the classic puris to ad a twist to your meals where puri fits perfectly. 

Serve Hare Pyaaz Ki Puri Recipe along with Amritsari Chole Recipe (White Chickpeas In Spicy Gravy) or Batata nu Shaak Recipe, Boondi Raita, Pickled Onions followed by a sweet dish of Mukhadi Halwa Recipe

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