Happy Easter from theirs to ours.

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Candies Easter Eggs


Twas Easter Sunday afternoon. The bell rang. 

A delivery man, carrying a brown paper bag, was at the door.

On which was written the word ‘Kalyani.’

It had to be Candies. 

It was the practice there thanks to Sylvia, who works at Candies, and calls him Kalyani and not Kalyan.

He opened it and found a Candies paper box in the bag.

The sort in which the softest chicken sandwiches he orders from Candies come home.

This time they contained Easter eggs. Sent by Beverly Perriera on behalf of the family.

One Marzipan. Two Chocolate wrapped in shiny paper.

This made him smile. It brought back memories from his childhood.

That of one Easter in Iran before Khomeini. 

Or was it in the UK? He was too young then for him to remember 40 years later.

Of plastic Easter eggs which were hollow inside and coated with a thin layer of chocolate.

You licked off the chocolate, and opened the egg from the middle to take out the tiny toy inside.

Then there were bigger eggs which were solid chocolate eggs. 

It is easy to guess, which one the 5-year-old would prefer.

He then smiled at the memory of midnight last night at their apartment in Mumbai.

Their neighbours, Erika and Gia, had come to meet their cat Baby Loaf who had seen Erika downstairs and who was screaming for her to come home as he alway does.

‘Happy Easter,’ they said, and gave the Marzipan eggs Erika had made.

‘Kalyani’ was a naughty boy and decided to have both eggs once they left, without thinking of his sugar levels.

They were so soft, he later told Erika.

‘That’s because they were fresh from the oven and I had not kept them in the fridge,’ she replied.

Happy Easter folks from ours to yours.

Erika’s Easter Eggs.
Photo credit: Gia

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