Focaccia With Cherry Tomatoes & Caramelized Onion Recipe

Focaccia is an Italian version of a flat baked bread similar to that of a thick crust pizza base. It comes in different versions based on the topping which is usually herbs, tomatoes, cheese, or even meat. The dough of a focaccia is so soft that it can be rolled out by just spreading it out with hands and then pricking it with a fork to keep the bread from puffing.

Dotting the unbaked focaccia bread is what distinguishes it from a normal pizza bread. Dotting is done either by using the fingers or back of a knife to create small dents in the dough. Focaccia can be an excellent side dish, a base for a pizza or even used as a bread for sandwiches. 

Serve Focaccia With Cherry Tomatoes & Caramelized Onion along with Penne Pasta Arrabiata for your weeknight dinner and enjoy the meal.

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