Butter To Oil Conversion Chart - The Southern Lady Cooks

Butter to Oil Conversion Chart is something handy to keep on hand and there are a few reasons why you may want to use this chart. We receive questions all the time about “can I use oil” etc.

Butter and Oil are both ingredients that bakers and cooks should always try to have on hand and in most instances they can be interchangeable but not all.

Butter to Oil Conversion Chart

Can I replace butter with oil?

Yes.. and the ratio is 1:1.. so if it calls for 1 cup of oil, then you can use 1 cup of butter. This should work with most oils, olive, vegetable, canola and coconut, etc. So if the recipe says 3/4th cup of canola oil, you can just melt 3/4th cup of butter.

Can I replace oil with butter?

Yes you can substitute in some cases but the ratio is a little different. See the Butter to Oil Conversion Chart for how we recommend you switch these two. Click here to download it for a PDF.  This Butter to Oil Conversion Chart is handy for any kitchen.

Butter To Oil Conversion Chart - The Southern Lady Cooks

Now not all recipes are going to work when switching out the two.. here are a few reasons why:

Cakes that call for butter normally will work better if you leave the butter in, especially a cake that wants you to cream butter with sugar, etc. The butter is necessary and creates structure for the cake.  That is why brownies, cake mixes etc, work okay with oil, you are not creaming together any ingredients. So remember that when switching the two in baked goods. If the butter is just an added ingredient, you can probably switch it with oil. You can always do a 50/50 split too instead of replacing it all together with the oil, use 50% butter and 50% oil.

How to cook with oil and butter?

Honestly if cooking in a skillet these two are pretty interchangeable. If you are sautéing something in oil, you can switch it out with butter. However, frying something you will need to use oil for best results. They do make a high heat olive oil for frying and we have had great luck with that oil.

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