Assamese Machor Tenga Anja Recipe – Fish Curry With Kokum

Assamese Machor Tenga Anja Recipe is one of the most famous and favourite fish curry for the Assamese people. It is a traditional Assamese style of cooking their fish in a sour curry.

Different natural souring agents are used for this recipe like elephant apple, kokam, tomato, lemon juice, olive etc along with vegetables like potatoes, yam, cauliflowers etc. Here, we have used Kokum in this recipe as a souring agent. This fish curry recipe with Kokum is a refreshing and healthy dish for summer days to keep your tummy functioning at its best.

Serve Assamese Machor Tenga Anja Recipe (Fish Curry With Kokum) along with Steamed Rice, Aloo Konir Dom Recipe, and Phulka for a Assamese inspired meal plate.

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