Addmi Restaurant Point of Sale Delivers Key Improvements to Food Hall

Addmi Restaurant Point of Sale Delivers Key Improvements to Food Hall

Addmi POS system solves multiple problems while upgrading experience at popular food hall by combining restaurant point of sale, online ordering, gift cards, and omni-channel reporting all into a single unified platform.

Albuquerque, NM  (RestaurantNews.comAddmi, innovative provider of point of sale systems for restaurants and food halls, has recently replaced the previous point of sale used by merchants at Sawmill Market food hall in Albuquerque. Key improvements include streamlined reporting for venue management and software consolidation. Addmi combines the previously isolated services of point of sale, online ordering and gift cards all into a single efficient platform.

The management of Sawmill food hall has reported several valuable improvements since the implementation of Addmi’s point of sale system. “In a complex and dynamic business such as ours, Addmi has been integral to our success in streamlining systems so that we can focus on giving our guests the best experience possible!” reports Trevor Randall, GM at Sawmill Market.

Addmi creates a holistic experience at Sawmill by providing gift cards that can be used at any of the vendors at the venue. Tracking and managing card sales, inventory and payouts are easy for venue management. 

Customers at Sawmill Market can order individual items from various vendors on a single order transaction.  This greatly enhances the overall food court experience for guests while being an easy workflow for Sawmill as a whole. 

Another key advantage of Addmi’s POS system is its omni-channel reporting, which combines the financial data for each individual merchant into a single, easy-to-use report. This has made accounting much faster and more efficient for Sawmill Market, while also providing greater visibility into the performance of individual merchants.

Thanks to Addmi’s free pricing model, merchants do not have to pay monthly fees for the point of sale software. This removes friction, making it easier for food halls to encourage all vendors to adopt the system, ensuring a seamless, unified customer experience.

Addmi’s POS system is a game-changer for food halls and restaurants, providing merchants with a comprehensive suite of tools to help them streamline operations, increase efficiency, and grow their businesses. For more information about Addmi and its innovative POS solutions, please visit their website at

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