4 – Course Weekend Brunch Menu

It’s the weekend and we’re taking a break from the typical lunch and dinner menus we have been curating so far. Festivities have probably also had us all overfed and we are looking to break the monotony with something different, refreshing and a spread that you can decide how much you want to indulge in. Brunch is a wonderful option for days like this. Falling right in the twilight zone between a lazy breakfast and a leisurely weekend lunch, it allows for enough space to either nibble on a bunch of things or indulge on your favourites. The best part? Space is out and spread it over a few hours and you can skip lunch all together, freeing up time to catch up on your reading, spend time with friends, take a long nap or even just veg out in front of the television. That’s what weekends are about, right? This weekend menu will put you in the mood for brunch!