18 Meal Bowls You Can Serve For Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner

Putting together meals on an everyday basis, with perfect combinations be it Indian or continental requires effort and planning. Although serving different elements on a plate, is the classic way of serving meals at home, serving complete meals in a bowl, with elements sitting next to each other is a great idea. 

Meals in bowls are a trending way to serve food not just in restaurants but at home as well. Making it look colourful and attractive, with elements of different textures and flavours is the idea behind meal bowls. 

Meal bowls can be made for any cuisine, from Indian to Asian and Mexican and from sweet to savoury, these meal bowls can be served right from breakfast to dinner depending on the elements sitting in the bowl. 

These meal bowls need to be well planned to ensure that almost all food groups or at least the important food groups are present in the bowl.  The flavours compliment each other and the textures please the palate. 

From buying the groceries and fresh produce required to preparation in the kitchen, these meal bowls need to be well thought of. 

Taking this meal bowl of Breakfast Bowl : Ajwain Puri,Chole Pindi,Thecha,Raw Papitha No Sambharo & Halwa

This bowl is great to be served at breakfast. This classic Indian breakfast gets its carbohydrates from the crispy on the outside, soft on the inside puri, proteins from the masaledar chole, a bit of a crunch and freshness in the form of the raw papaya fresh pickle, a hint of sweetness from the gajar halwa, and not to forget the pomegranate that adds a bit of a tang to the entire meal. 

Each of these elements, have separate recipes with different flavour profiles, all of which go perfectly well with each other. 

Likewise other cuisine meal bowls like, poha breakfast bowl and cinnamon breakfast bowl are a great way to kick start the day. 

Lunch and dinner meal bowl like the Asian meals ,which have a stir fried rice with a portion of veges and salad or a thai flavoured noodle bowl or a burrito bowl too will be loved by your family. 

So do try these meal bowls and tell us which one of these were your favourite !