Will the real rude Parisian please sit down. Paris encore. Day 5.

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While the food that I have had in this trip of Paris has not been uniformly spectacular and I am fine with that, what has not dipped in a single meal is the warmth of the smile of the service staff. But then we had realised way back in 2016, when we were based at the less touristy artist precinct of Montmartre and explored the city more and had many more memorable meals, that the image of the rude Parisian needs to be consigned to the annals of history now. The current reality is different.

Perhaps I am a romantic fool but I strongly believe that a smile elicits another and that has been my policy wherever I travel to. And you can’t really be called a romantic fool in the city of old fashioned love can you?

Last day in Gay Paree before we fly out tomorrow. 

Perhaps I should have done a smiles of Paris series. Unfortunately this picture is all I have as evidence so far. Unless you read the smiles on my face in the pictures I’ve shared and reach the same conclusion. 

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