Viva Le Avocado. Paris Encore day 3

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There seems to be avocado everywhere in Paris this time. In brasseries, coffee shops, even at grandpa Laduree.

Was it there in 2017? Or am I noticing it more because of my #eatbetter mindset. The one which made me devour every salad leaf put in front of me since I took off from Mumbai. Today my tummy woke me at 5.30 and said, ‘bas kar with the roughage yar!’

Went to my local Candies Cafe, the Inform Cafe, which was packed today, but I got my table eventually. It’s nice and grey today. The sort of weather I dote on.

I decided to go the avo, poach and rye toast way with ricotta on the side.

‘Needs to be seasoned,’ would have been avo Nazi K ‘s verdict.

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