Udupi Style Sambar Recipe – Masala Huli With Mixed Vegetables

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Sambar/Sambhar is a lentil based vegetable stew with a tamarind broth. It is popular in South Indian cuisine. It is a common dish served in the Udupi Style Restaurants along with Idli/Dosas.

‘Masala Huli’ has vegetables, dal and coconut, which is a delicious combination on its own. Udupi food uses a lot of jaggery and this Sambar too is a bit on the sweeter side. You can add less jaggery if you desire.The use of freshly roasted and ground masala and jaggery makes this sambar extremely flavourful. 

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Serve Udupi Style Sambar Recipe – Masala Huli With Mixed Vegetables along with Homemade Soft Idli Recipe and Red Chilli Coconut Chutney Recipe (South Indian Chutney) for breakfast.

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