The migraine, the goddess & bhoger khichuri. Bandra Saraswati Pujo, 2023.

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 ‘Have not seen too many posts from you off late. All ok’, messaged our friend Shaswati who is out of town right now. It was kind of her to check on me.

No, I was not Ok. I am sitting at my desk and with my MacBook after more than a week and will keep this short. Last Wednesday I had a headache. When I get a headache, I feel nauseous and like to curl up in bed after turning off the lights. I usually take a pill or two and am better the next day. If not, I take another pill the morning after and am fresh as a daisy.

This time was different. It went for on 4 days. I was shooting for my show and had to push it. Nor could I sit to write my book. We went to our GP after that. She prescribed meds and my nausea came under control. Headache was less. Next day both spiralled. I was once again in agony. There were many conjectures on the cause of what I was going through, but nothing conclusive.

I did not ask ‘why me’? My Buddhist practise has taught me to ask ‘what can I do’ instead of ‘why me’ in such circumstances. I decided to go the neurologist that my diabetologist has suggested. 

The doctor turned out to be very senior and experienced  and by asking me a few questions declared that this was a migraine. He said that the earlier attacks that I have had over the years were so too. This time was a protracted spell but doc said that this does happen as migraines can last more than a week. He said that my attack was possibly caused by my being out in the harsh sun when I shot. He advised me to wear a peaked cap, shades and stay hydrated in such situations. He gave me meds, told me that I will get better in a few days. He warned me that is not the last time I would have a migraine. That I should figure out what triggers it and try to avoid finding oneself in such situations.

The medicines that he gave me,coupled with the confidence with he diagnosed the situation, made me feel netter. The nausea is gone. The headache is a lot less.

It is Saraswati Pujo today. Ma Saraswati is considered to be the goddess of learning. My mum is in town. She wanted to go the local puja. I was not sure till yesterday if I could take her, but managed to do so today.

I am glad I did. My mother was visibly happy. 

Saraswati Pujo is a more intimate festival compared to the grander Durga Puja. It was lovely to meet my ‘puja friends.’ Fellow Bengalis whom I meet only during the pujas and yet they welcome me so warmly.

The bhog was lovely and the piping hot bhoger khichuri blessed by the Goddess ensured that my headache was a distant memory. Even if for a couple of hours.

But, I am getting there.

 So see you on the other side of the migraine.

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