The French Bastards can bake. Paris Encore. Day 4

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 ‘Shhhhhh cover the bag… can u buy from such a shop😘😘😘’

‘Pl change the bakery name🥰’

Messages from my mom in law when I shared pictures of K and me in our WhatsApp group, holding the bag of jolkhabar (Bengali for snack) goodies that Shikha Jain most kindly brought us from @the_french_bastards today.

Fresh croissants, which they make once a day and sell till stocks last (which is well before I wake up), and glorious babka. Just loved the combination of layers of dark chocolate and bread. More unique, dare I say, that the croissant. Unforgettable.

Both made for a lovely snack to have with chamomile tea after K and I woke up after our afternoon nap and stood by our balcony which looks on to Champa Gully and the local Gateway of India, Champs Elysees and Arc De Triomphe, and enjoyed the slow life. Something that comes naturally to the French and us Bengalis.

@theculinaryinstituteofamerica pastry grad, who is doing a pastry finishing school internship in Paris, @shikhajain95 from Kolkata, told us about how there are special butter sheets which are available in France for making croissants. That the French pronunciation of croissant is kwa-san.

How the need to utilise leftover croissant material led to the birth of the almond croissant. 

How taking a ‘mental health’ break is no questions asked legit, if you work in Paris. And how if you go to a business establishment/ cafe etc when the staff is having lunch, then you will have to wait till they finish before you are served. 

Very different apparently from the US where it’s all about work, work and work. I think France agrees with me!!!

Wish you all the best for your future Shikha. 

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