Talent, hard work & confidence. Medium rare. Paris Encore day 3

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A chef who sends a steak to the table with no sauce, ketchup, mustard etc along with it, is a chef who knows he has landed a Cannes Lions winner on the plate. 

Medium rare and stellar. I had the salad too, a couple of the fries, but could not say no to the amazing butter (salted) served with a baguette at the @publicisdrugstore restaurant. 

K is with me now so no need to take selfies while eating anymore. Or journalling while I sit alone. 

She did buy me a diary from the bookshop so perhaps the journalling might continue. 

Couldn’t think of a better dish to have, and a better city to have it in, on what is also #bourdainday 

#myparislist #parisencore #parisfinelychopped #mediumrare

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