Solo trip ends. Paris Encore, day 3

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The French Bastards!

No, no. 

I did not swear. I swear.

It’s the name of the bakery that a reader recommended  today for croissants, @the_french_bastards. A pastry chef and student from Calcutta, who apparently lives close by and comes to the @inform_cafe at least once a week. She said, ‘it’s my favourite coffee shop in Paris,’ when she saw my post from there yesterday.

Kainaz landed in Paris while I was having breakfast this morning and said she’d like a croissant along with the cappuccino I offered to get for her.

I decided to be romantic. So what if we have been married for two decades? This is Gay Paree. The city of old fashioned love.

Instead of welcoming Mon Cherie with roses, I’d get her croissants from the French Bastards, I thought, and walked down with Googles.

‘Croissant Madame?’

‘No. Finish.’

‘When will the next lot be ready?’ 

‘Tomorrow.’ (After a young boy behind the counter translated this complex question to her).

Le halwa (wtf), I thought in Bangla and headed back to the @inform_cafe with Googles, who took me down a round about route.

‘Where’s my croissant,’ posted @spalifekainaz from our hotel. She had reached and has fallen in love with the balcony in the new room that they gave us at @hotelsplendidetoile this morning. (‘My wife is reaching today.’)

‘Hurry up. Madame has reached the hotel,’ DM’d @tumpas_kitchen 

I don’t think K meant me by ‘my croissant.’

I went back to my @candiescafe in Paris, the @inform_cafe, and picked up beautiful croissants, a freshly baked and chunky dark chocolate cookie and two cappuccinos and headed back to our room with a view. 

Once again, being my own delivery app in Paris. With that ended my two days of #solotravel

Madam 5 star rating de na.

#myparislist #parisencore #parisfinelychopped 

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