Simple Peruvian (Mayocoba) Beans Salad Recipe

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Simple Peruvian (Mayocoba) Beans Salad Recipe is simple, healthy and absolutely refreshing salad. This salad features Peruvian beans, onion, tomato, tangy lime juice,salt and pepper. They are high in fiber and protein, tastes great when served with chips, or lunch served with fresh tortillas. It is low in fat and loaded with antioxidants. 

Pair Simple Peruvian (Mayocoba) Beans Salad Recipe along with tortilla chips and Quick Creamy Pea Soup Recipe for a light dinner.

Did you know: Peruvian beans are also called Mayocoba beans/Canary beans, they are ivory yellow beans which is popular in Jalisco as well as much in Southern Mexico. As far as the protein profile, it is similar to pintos in that essential amino acids missing for a complete nutritional protein are MET/CYS. 

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