Satsaagi Recipe – Sindhi Seven Vegetable Sabzi No Onion No Garlic

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Satsaagi Recipe is a super nutritious sabzi that is made in almost all Sindhi households. 

In Sindhi, ‘Satta’ means seven and ‘saag’ means vegetables, hence the name Satsaagi, meaning a seven vegetable sabzi. 

This dry sabzi is packed with vegetables namely aloo, arbi, capsicum, peas, carrot, beans and lauki. However if you wish you could also add other vegetables like cauliflower. 

While this is a no onion no garlic recipe, there are many different ways in which this sabzi can be made. While some add methi and palak to the dish, some make it into a gravy. 

Serve Satsaagi Recipe along with Phulka, Sindhi DalAam Ka Achaar, for a comforting complete lunch meal. 

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