Protein packed Paree. Paris encore. Day 4

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Dinner was a high protein affair. Duck foie gras & steak tartare. 

The latter was hand cut and very different from, and way superior to, what I had on my first night in Paris.

Le Deux Magot, recommended by our Bengali friend @reshomm , whom we knew from Mumbai, and who lives in London and is a food instagrammer now.

 Pronounced la du magooo, as I figured out from Madam Francois at the @hotelsplendidetoile reception a few days back and which everyone recognises when I give its name. 

Friendly wait staff. One of whom finally turned when I said, ‘palat, palat’ as we wanted a second straw for our drink. Pricey and required us to take cabs, but we were happy with the experience.

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