Primanti Bros. Restaurant & Bar Drives Sales Growth by Targeting Non-Loyalty Club Members Using Data Delivers’ CustomerConnect Solution

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Primanti Bros. Restaurant & Bar Drives Sales Growth by Targeting Non-Loyalty Club Members Using Data Delivers' CustomerConnect SolutionPittsburgh, PA  (  Primanti Bros. Restaurant & Bar, a beloved Pennsylvania institution known for its fries and coleslaw stacked sandwiches, is driving sales growth in an unusual way – by specifically targeting fans who are not part of the brand’s loyalty club.

To identify these individuals, Primanti Bros tapped DataDelivers’ CustomerConnect solution which uses a combination of POS data and proprietary third-party information to identify fans who dine at Primanti Bros. and encourage them to both visit again and join the loyalty club.

“We believed non-loyalty members were a significant marketing and sales opportunity, and the data supported this. By looking at the group of outliers, we found fans who had not yet taken the step to join our loyalty program, and we know our loyalty program members are our most active, and profitable, fans,” said Adam Golomb, president and CMO of the 89-year-old Primanti Brothers.

DataDelivers’ CustomerConnect solution can help a brand understand cross-channel behaviors and establish a customer segmentation for optimizing marketing efforts. This insight-driven customer identification sets the stage for personalized marketing, tracking behavior triggers and understanding where growth opportunities can be found.

For Primanti Bros., DataDelivers identified hundreds of thousands of customers who are not part of the loyalty program. These individuals received targeted marketing messages about the valuable offers and the benefits of becoming loyalty club members.

The Primanti Bros. loyalty club starts with a welcome offer, and then features an ongoing reward for every time a fan spends $50 as well as customized and general incentives for return visits.

To measure the results, each campaign uses a control group which allows Primanti Bros. to accurately assess the success metrics and develop a clear picture of the impact of the marketing program. Overall, the fans who received targeted marketing messages spent more and visited more often than those who didn’t and were more likely to join the loyalty program.

“Our philosophy is if you eat at Primanti Bros, you should be in our loyalty program. By tracking before and after behavior, we’ve seen a very meaningful increase in their spend,” added Golomb.

DataDelivers also helps Primanti Bros. target the right group of potential fans for new restaurant openings. This tool has become an important part of the customer acquisition strategy for new restaurants by laser-focusing marketing efforts.

According to Golomb, the Primanti Bros. loyalty program continues to see sales grow month over month.

About Primanti Bros.

In 1933, Joe Primanti opened a lunch cart in Pittsburgh’s Strip District selling sandwiches to the hungry truckers who were coming and going at all times of the night. Encouraged by sales and positive feedback, Joe expanded to a small storefront where he was joined by his brothers Dick and Stanley and their nephew John DePriter. And that’s how the very first Primanti Bros. location was born – Primanti Bros. is dedicated to that early notion that folks deserve great food, with no pretense, for a good price.

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