Pickling memories forever

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 ‘Aap log to zada achar khate nahin,’ said our morning cook #scootytai when I asked her if the little jars, that Jasleen Marwah gave us with chutneys from her restaurant Folk, can be used for keeping masalas. They are more apt for achars it seems. Our evening cook #bunkinbanu said the same. These are for pickles and not dry spices. I love pickles. So I put some from my stash in the jars today.

Mixed veg and mutton pickles from @rummyskitchen mango from @kokanbazar and bamboo shoot from @sagunafarmfresh 

I took out some of the mutton pickle to have with the channa and roti that #scootytai had made for lunch. 

I think my love for pickles can be traced back to the mango & mixed veg pickles that didu would make when I was a kid. She made lime and chilli pickle too. I had the chilli, but am not a fan of line in achar.

As a child I used to get most fascinated by her taking the pickle bottles to the terrace every day for them to get some sun. That was 40 yeas back. 

She’s 95 now. I spoke to her on the phone this evening. She can barely get up from her bed to her walker. Forget climbing stairs. 

‘Let’s see how much more I can run,’ she said.  The sense of resignation in her voice deafening.

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