Penne Rigate With Minced Chicken Sauce & Cheese Recipe

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Penne Rigate With Minced Chicken Sauce & Cheese Recipe is a one pot meal which is a very great option for a weekend dinner.

Main ingredients for meat sauce, are tomato paste, minced chicken and italian seasoning along with cheese. Red chilli flakes are also used in sauce but if you are making for kids you can used black pepper instead of red chilli flakes as well and reduce the quantity. I always choose whole wheat penne rigate which is better than rice made one. Tomatoes are full of vitamin and minerals, cheese is good for bone health and chicken mince provides protein. A whole some goodness in one dish. Enjoy it warm and sprinkle extra cheese for better taste when done with making the recipe.

Serve Penne Rigate With Minced Chicken Sauce & Cheese Recipe with Whole Wheat Oats And Pesto Bread Recipe and Garlic & Ginger Spiced Potato Wedges Recipe (Baked) for a weekend treat with family and friends.

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