Mushroom Cutlet Vegetarian Sizzler Recipe

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Mushroom Cutlet Vegetarian Sizzler Recipe is a complete meal with a lot of delicious items like rice, stir fried vegetables and mushroom cutlets served on sizzling hot plates.

Sizzlers are a favorite with many, as they come piping hot, with tikkis, rice, stir fried vegetables and they are crunchy and delicious. In order to make sizzler at home you need a cast iron pan with a wooden base.  The hot plate is placed on a wooden plate as not to burn your finger and then variety of food which compliments each other is placed on the hot food.Sauce based gravies are poured on your choice of food which trickles onto the hot plate which makes a sizzling sound. The sound usually reaches you before the sizzler is even served at the table. 

Sizzlers are exciting to eat and can be served when you have guests over for lunch or dinner. You can make all the elements before hand and assemble them all at the time of serving and create a fun experience of dining at home.

Serve Mushroom Cutlet Vegetarian Sizzler Recipe as a one dish for weekend dinner along with Red Wine Sangria Cocktail Recipe.

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