Masala Vada Curry Recipe – Chana Dal Vada Curry Recipe

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Masala Vada Curry Recipe also known as the Chana Dal Vada curry is a delicious South Indian curry made from masala vada cooked in a tomato onion gravy.

Masala Vada Curry Recipe is a delicious and one of the best side dish for Idli/Dosa/Chapati. This curry is mostly made in north eastern parts of Tamil Nadu. It is packed with proteins and the goodness of Indian spices.

Traditionally, this dish is made with deep-fried masala vadas. But, this one is made out of steamed vadas which is much simpler and healthier.

Serve Masala Vada Curry Recipe along with Tawa Paratha, Palak Raita and Satvik Carrot Sprout Salad for a weekday meal. You can also serve this curry along with Ghee Roast Dosa or a Karnataka Style Set Dosa Recipe

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