Macro versus micro diets.

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#eatbetter is a way of life for me now and not something forced on me. It might not seem so but I did incorporate little bits when travelling abroad. Eating every green out in front of me. Going easy on white flour (no pasta barring a gnocchi and no pizza), no desserts barring the last 3 days of Berlin and a couple of iconic French bits such as the macaron & hot chocolate at Angelina. 

 Oh and I walked, walked and walked. Even choosing stairs over escalators when one could. 

I am back in Mumbai and tried to apply whatever @drriaankola has taught me starting with breakfast itself.

#kayteecooks made a couple of dosas for me and left before I woke up. Ria would want me to have protein so I made egg dosas inspired by what @shri_bala had once fed me at her home. I used the @ankola_masala podi to season. It has pulses. A bit of cold pressed coconut oil to grease the pan. Good fat. #kayteecooks had made coconut chutney. Good fibre. I took some of the mango pickle by Uma sent by @meengurry_memories Probiotic. Kept a gap before having my espresso. 

In the afternoon I made khichuri as it was raining but added some karela too. At night loaded my plate with enough sides to ensure I’d be done with two rotis. Emmer wheat ones.

Point I am making is that following a diet based on its principles works better for me than one based on too many calculations. To each their own I guess. 

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