Krystal CMO Casey Terrell Sets New Course for Continued Brand Relevancy

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Focuses on new talent and partnerships to push boundaries

Krystal CMO Casey Terrell Sets New Course for Continued Brand RelevancyAtlanta, GA  (RestaurantNews.comKrystal, the original home of the slider in the South, is celebrating 90 years of serving up their iconic burgers. The challenge and super power for many legacy brands is staying relevant through the times. As consumers shift and get younger, brands are exploring ways to remain part of the conversation and the spend. Krystal Chief Marketing Officer Casey Terrell recently joined the brand to help them find the formula that will keep them on the radar and meet the demands of the future of the brand.

“As we look to grow the Krystal brand in this current climate and with our long history, it’s a balancing act of being bold enough to push some boundaries to attract and build new customers, while also being sensitive to our existing fans,” said Casey Terrell, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal Restaurants LLC. “To achieve this, we’re developing our own team to position ourselves for growth and evolution, as well as leaning heavily into partnerships that can help us speak to our target audiences and cast our net even wider.”

To support the new marketing goals for Krystal, Terrell strengthened his support team with Ajona Camile.

Ajona, also known as “Jax”, formerly a consultant for the brand.  She has since been brought in fulltime as the Creative Director of Krystal and served as executive producer for the soon to be released “Side Chik” sandwich campaign. She oversees brand campaigns and  social media for the brand, working in tandem with corporate executives and creative leadership. She also manages talent and entertainment acquisition for the company, which she has extensive experience from her past professional endeavors.

Jax spent more than a decade at The Blueprint Group, where she worked with popular music artists such as Lil’ Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. She played a key role in managing the daily logistics and creatives for all three artists as their careers were emerging. During her tenure, she also served as lead Logistics Manager for Lil’ Wayne and Vice President of Operations.

She also grew her experience as a General Manager with Generation Now/Atlantic Records and an Executive Assistant for legendary producer and director Chris Robinson at Twentieth Century Fox in Atlanta. She’s also worked in a finance and accounting capacity with Hasbro Studios in Burbank, CA.

“One of the first changes we made when I started was leveraging the talents and capabilities of Jax and promoting her to a leadership position. Her extensive experience in the entertainment industry and deep understanding of social media are incredibly valuable in this stage of our growth, as we strive to remain relevant with our audiences. She’s helping us target people where they are getting their news and sharing their opinions,” said Terrell. “She leads our creative agency, but also shoots a lot of our content herself. She’s our person on the ground, capturing the authenticity of the brand and sharing it through social media.”

Earlier this year, Krystal named 2 Chainz Head of Creative Marketing. Their partnership with the American rapper extends beyond marketing campaigns that put them in front of new audiences. He is also invested in the company as a franchise partner.

The company also partnered with former New York Giant and Super Bowl hero Victor Cruz to lead expansion in the northeast. Cruz is a master franchisee for the New York and New Jersey markets. Most recently, Krystal brought on American Musician and Reality Star Ray J to be a brand strategist.

“2 Chainz and Victor Cruz each have an incredible following and influence,” said Terrell. “They’ve demonstrated a passion for our brand and commitment to our vision. Teaming up with these talents will allow us to grow the brand at multiple levels.”

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About Krystal Restaurants LLC

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Krystal Restaurants LLC is the original quick-service restaurant chain in the South. Krystal hamburgers have been served fresh and hot off the grill on the iconic square bun since 1932. The company proudly sticks to the classics, but over the years, they’ve never been afraid to innovate.

Krystal has grown to be in 10 states with nearly 300 restaurants and continues to deliver a one-of-a-kind taste experience through their unique menu items that are offered at a great price. The company’s Atlanta-based Restaurant Support Center serves a team of more than 3,500 employees. In 2019, the company was selected to USA Today’s Top-10 Best Regional Fast Food List. Krystal has also been named one of the “Most Craveable Burgers” and in 2022 was named a “Breakout Brand.”

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