• July 31, 2022

Konkani Style Kotte Saaru/Halasina Bijada Saru Recipe-Jackfruit Seed Rasam

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Konkani Style Kotte Saaru or Halasina Bijada Saru Recipe is essentially Jackfruit Seed Rasam.

It is one of the famous recipe that is prepared in the region of south canara of Karnataka. This region mainly covers the coastal region of Karnataka and they widely use Raw jackfruit in their day to day cooking.

They use it to prepare fried chips that is eaten as their everyday snacks, and as well the ripened jackfruit is used to make dosa which is had for their morning breakfast. As every part of the jackfruit is used, they even use the seeds to make a Rasam.

Serve the Konkani Style Kotte Saaru/Halasina Bijada Saru Recipe along with some Steamed rice and Gorikayi Palya Recipe and end it with Semiya Payasam With Coconut Milk Recipe

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