Jharkhand Dal Peethi Recipe

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  • To begin making the Jharkhand Dal Peethi recipe, knead the wheat flour with enough water to make a soft dough, keep aside to rest for some time. 

  • In a pressure cooker, take all the dals together, wash and add the turmeric powder, garam masala powder, red chilli powder, salt and cook with 4-5 cups of water up to 4 whistles.

  • While the dal is cooking we can make the dumplings. Roll out small discs from the dough and bring the ends together to the middle leaving the center hollow just like a flower shape. 

  • Once the pressure releases, add the peethi into the cooked dal and cook on low heat. If dal has thickened, add water to adjust consistency. Cook on low flame till the dumplings get cooked. 

  •  To temper, heat oil in a small pan. Add cumin seeds, hing, red chilli powder, garlic pieces and chopped onions.

  • Saute til onions turns golden, now pour this tempering to the dal peethi. Dal peethi is ready to enjoy. 

  • Serve Dal Peethi along with Boondi RaitaPhulka and Kachumber Salad for a weekday meal.

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