Hurali Saaru Recipe – Healthy Horse Gram and Coconut Curry

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The Hurali Saaru Recipe is a delicious lentil curry that is made from horse gram also known as Kollu in Tamil or Kulith in Hindi. In this recipe the horse gram is cooked with aromatic spices ground into a masala with coconut and finally seasoned with ghee and onions making it a perfect curry to go along with rice.

Did You know: Horse Gram is one of the lesser known, and seriously underrated beans is actually widely used in traditional South Indian cooking. Although it gets its name from being the staple food for horses and cattle, it is the most protein-rich lentil you can find. Extremely high in iron, protein, it is also the richest in calcium amongst all lentils. It is also known to have diuretic properties and traditional medicine texts mention its uses in treating bronchitis, asthma, cholesterol, peptic ulcers. It’s no wonder then that some go so far as calling it a super-food. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include it in your diet. 

Serve Hurali Saaru with steamed rice or Phulka for the wholesome lunch.

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