How to take a break when your ‘work’ is to write about what you eat? Bandra to Berlin. Day 3

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‘I really need a break.’

‘Well you guys are going on a holiday.’

‘I know but it still doesn’t feel like a break. I take pictures of what I eat. I write. Then I post. It doesn’t feel like a break. That’s what I do everyday!’

‘Here’s what you can do. For the first two days don’t take any pictures. Use her phone to take pics. Let her give the pics to you after at least two days. Then you post if you still want to. You will get at least a two day break.’

‘That’s a good idea.’

Well, as you know I didn’t stick to what we had discussed in therapy. Yet I didn’t feel the pressure at all. Nor did I feel that I wasn’t on a break. That’s because I enjoyed posting. I looked at it as journalling. Did it when I felt liked it. Did not get into food writer mode. Did not dissect the food. Avoided long copy or video shoots. Just shared about what was happening. As If I were doing so with a friend.

And so many of you wrote back saying that you felt happy to see me and us ‘getting a well deserved break.’ I felt touched and overwhelmed by the love I received. 

And I had got the just the break that I needed. 

Last few days of the trip coming up and big thanks to @spalifekainaz who doggedly worked to make the holiday happen even when I was noncommittal about it. And to my mom in law and our friends Erika and Gia who are looking after our boys back home.

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