Himachali Style Pahari Aloo Palda Recipe – Potatoes In Yogurt Gravy

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Himachali Style Pahari Aloo Palda Recipe (Potatoes in Yogurt Gravy) is similar to a kadhi that is prepared in the snow capped mountains of himachal. The food prepared by them is very basic and very subtle flavors are added into their dish. The cuisine that they practice is popularly known as the Pahari cuisine.

In this recipe, soft potatoes are cooked in a rich and thick creamy yogurt curry that is flavored with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. The aroma that you get from this dish while preparing is sensational. A very humble dish that you can try at home anytime of the day.

Serve the Himachali Style Pahari Aloo Palda Recipe along with Peshawari Naan Recipe and Kelyachi Bhaji Recipe to enjoy your mid day lunch. You can also serve a Indian salad such as Kachumber Salad or Satvik Carrot Salad with this meal.

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