Halli Style Mutton Saaru Recipe – South Indian Mutton Curry

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A classic South Indian Gowdru style curry, Halli Style Mutton Saru is a delightful South Indian curry/gravy with flavour notes from the curry leaves and coconut.  

A non vegetarian delicacy, this Mutton curry is a spicy preparation that is served as main course along with white rice, but goes best with Ragi Mudde. With no time required for marination, this saaru can be put together in a jiffy. 

Serve Halli Style Mutton Saru along with Soft & Delicious Ragi Mudde Recipe – Karnataka Style Ragi Balls or Steamed Rice Recipe (Pressure Cooker & Sauce Pan Methods) or Homemade Crisp Ghee Roast Dosa Recipe for a complete meal. 

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