Fattoush With Za’atar, Sumac and Pomegranate Molasses Recipe – Traditional Lebanese Salad

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Fattoush is a classic Mediterranean/Middle Eastern salad, with a distinct characteristic lent by herbs that are used not just as garnish or dressing, but the main ingredients making up the salad. This Fattoush also uses other classic Mediterranean ingredients like za’atar, and pomegranate molasses to lift the flavours and give them a typically Mediterranean punch.

Fattoush usually also features shredded bread or pita bread as an ingredient in the salad and this recipe uses za’atar sprinkled on the pita bread (or any other flatbread) before grilling it. This classic Middle Eastern salad makes a crunchy light side dish For a Lebanese/Mediterranean/Middle Eastern themes meal, or can be served in larger quantities to make a sumptuous lunch box item.

Serve Fattoush With Za’atar, Sumac and Pomegranate Molasses Recipe along with Khoresht Fesenjan (a hearty Persian stew) and Saffron Pilaf.

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