• April 14, 2022

Chicken Barbecue Pizza Recipe

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Chicken Barbecue Pizza Recipe is an all time favourite dish for your Sunday meal.The pizza has a thin crust base made with whole wheat flour and topped it over with some flavor packed tomato sauce, barbecue chicken pieces and mozzarella cheese.

These make up the perfect Party foods that will be loved by everyone. Pizza have been one of the major part of fast food but you can always keep it healthy by making it homemade with whole wheat base and adding vegetables as your choice of topping.

Serve the Chicken Barbecue Pizza along with Spaghetti Pasta Alla Puttanesca and a glass of  Mango Ginger Virgin Mojito for your weekend dinner.

If you are looking for more recipes, here are some Homemade Pizza recipe that you can make for weekend meals.

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