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I don’t know if I was always like this but I can’t stand clutter. This morning I woke up and tidied up my study first. Removed some of the clutter I’d left when I emptied my satchel for cleaning and that of open unpacked suitcases. After I fed the boys of course. I sat to chant and then had breakfast.

I think my pursuit of a decluttered life shows in the clean aesthetics of our house (K is a bigger stickler for neatness as are thekittykarmakars ), my periodic emptying of my clothes cupboard, my neat study desk and the need for my study bed etc to be tidy if someone has stayed overnight, my inability to cook in a messy kitchen. My ‘fashion sense’ as K Jo would put it of simple tees, cotton casual shirts and jeans, my writing style which many refer to as simple, my design sense, the minimalist plating as well as food photography that I prefer, my repugnance for unmade rooms and resultant anger if I am at a hotel and find that the room has not been done when I return after leaving please clean my room instructions.

I believe in starting Monday with a bang and breakfast was the Pathare Prabhu bheja batat from @welkars_kitchen 

Creamy goat brain with cuddly cubes of potato in a heady and yet not overpowering masala, paired with toasted naram paav. 

I was a bit ambitious in thinking that I could finish the entire serving and left half for later. 

My friend Gautam Welkar is a Mumbai treasure and you must check his page for his Sunday Maharashtrian meals. He labels the food containers so you know what is what. A reflection of his Sophia College training and professional kitchen life of this veteran chef turned young home chef. 

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