Besan Bread Toast Recipe On Tawa – Vegetarian French Toast

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Besan Bread Toast is an lip smacking recipe which can be prepared pretty quick and makes a great version of the vegetarian French Toast.

If you run out of vegetables for the sandwich filling, this is a wonderful recipe to make since gram flour/ besan is easily available in the pantry. In this recipe, the besan is combined along with onions, green chillies, tomatoes and besan and the bread is dipped in this besan mixture and pan cooked just like a French Toast.

Give this delicious and simple Vegetarian French Roast Recipe a try. This Besan Bread Toast makes a great Indian breakfast, that you can serve along with Masala Chai. and sliced bananas.

The Besan Bread Toast makes a great evening snack for kids along with a glass for Apple Almond Date Smoothie Recipe

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