Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte

Making a pumpkin spice latte at home is quite easy! Here is my vegan pumpkin spice latte recipe with instant coffee!  I love both coffee and tea equally. You can find different tea recipes on my blog. Soon, I will share different coffee recipes also. I love to explore different coffee and tea recipes, and fall season is incomplete without […]

Vegan Quiche with Mushrooms, Spinach & Leeks

This easy Vegan Quiche Recipe features an almond flour pastry and cheesy, savory tofu filling with sauteed mushrooms, leeks, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach! Perfect for brunch! Gluten-free option. For a winning breakfast or brunch, try my Easy Vegan Quiche recipe! Just the thing to serve to a hungry crowd. The filling is savory and cheesy and packed with flavor from […]

Homemade Jerk Seasoning

This website may contain affiliate links and advertising so that we can provide recipes to you. Read my privacy policy. Jerk seasoning is the most deliciously sweet and savory blend of spices! It’s simple to use and even more easy to make! You will have yourself a custom homemade seasoning in less than 5 minutes! Homemade seasonings take every meal […]

Shami Kabab | Veg Shami Kebab

Shami kabab is a very popular and delicious Awadhi dish made from minced meat, lentils and spices. In this post I have shared a vegetarian and plant based version of shami kebab made with black chickpeas, gram flour, onions, spices and herbs. They are crisp, succulent and tasty served with a side of green chutney, lemon wedges and onion slices. […]

Kalakand Recipe (Indian Milk Cake)

Kalakand Recipe | Kalakand Sweet | How to make Kalakand | Milk Cake Skip to content Home » Recipes » Sweets Recipes This two-ingredient, super fast recipe for Kalakand (a.k.a. Indian Milk Cake) comes together in just 15 minutes thanks to the help of a can of sweetened condensed milk. This fudgy sweet is easy to customize and is naturally […]

Amazingly Delicious Cauliflower Tots

This website may contain affiliate links and advertising so that we can provide recipes to you. Read my privacy policy. Cauliflower tots are healthy and delicious! Baked to absolute perfection, these tots are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Everyone will love them so much that they will fly off the table! These can be dipped in […]

Dum Ke Baingan Recipe

To begin making the Dum Ke Baingan Recipe, we will grind all the masala that are mentioned in the list, cardamom, cinnamon stick, black pepper powder, cloves, bay leaf, cumin seeds, dry red chillies, onion, ginger, garlic to a coarse paste by adding some water. Heat a pan with oil, add whole brinjal that are slit and saute them for […]

Thenthuk Soup Recipe – Tibetan Style Noodle Soup

Thenthuk Soup Recipe is Tibetan Style Noodle Soup that is also very popular in North East India, and the soup contains both veggies and rice or whole wheat noodles in it. Hand pulled noodles are yummy to taste and we know exactly what goes into making the noodles when it is done at home. Though we have ready noodles available […]

Dowling’s debuts a new classic New York haunt at The Carlyle

A new restaurant recently joined beloved Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle Hotel (981 Madison Ave.) and it’s aiming to be a New York City classic.  Dowling’s at The Carlyle is named after Robert Whittle Dowling, former owner of The Carlyle and an influential urban planner known for his passionate efforts over fifty years ago to revitalize the city. The restaurant is run by […]

A Marathon Cocktail Week is happening in NYC

You may or may not be able (or willing) to run 26.3 miles on a Sunday morning, but if you love local restaurants, you can participate in your own cocktail marathon. From October 24-31, #Run4Restaurants will host a cocktail celebration at independent restaurants and bars across the city, donating $2 per designated cocktail to support ROAR’s NYC Marathon team, which will benefit ROAR’s health […]